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We can provide your practice with custom-designed reports so you can effectively manage and monitor your practice. Operational, statistical, and management reports can be formatted into a design that works best for you including excel spreadsheets, pie charts and graphs.  Below are some examples of our existing reports using Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If Adobe is not installed on your PC, click the icon below to install the free software.  Just click on the report you would like to review.



Clinical Reports

RPT111 - The Accounts by Insurance/Financial Class Report is one of our most versatile reports.  This report can be used for almost any function with your Facility or Practice.  Users may report on Procedures, Insurance Companies, Locations, Date Range, Financial Class, Specific Programs, Inpatient or Outpatient and Patient Detail. 


Financial Reports

RPT219 - The Daily A/R Tracking Report provides users with a quick and convenient way to follow charges, payments, adjustments and A/R balance by each day of the month.  This report will print the A/R balance for the previous month and display totals.

RPT275 - The Charge/Deposit Analysis Report tracks charges and payments throughout the current year and compares those totals to the same period from the prior year.  This report also shows the variance in actual totals and average totals from the current period to the prior period.

RPT210 - The Aged Accounts Report shows total account balances by either Financial Class or Insurance Company.  This report is broken down by date and formatted in traditional 30-day columns.  Users may choose how the report will look based on individual needs.

ACTRPT - The Activity Report shows users transaction amounts (charges, payments, adjustments and refunds) listed by transaction type during a specific date range.  Options for this report allow users a large amount of flexibility in selecting how the finished report will look.

RPT607 - The Monthly Collection Analysis reports a monthly breakdown of charges, payments and adjustments posted against those charges within the selected date range.  This report also shows the amount written off to collection in actual dollars and % of total charges. 

RPT175 - The Patient Summary Listing is an alpha or date of service listing of accounts within a selected date range.  This report displays patient name, admissions date, current and original financial class, primary insurance, secondary insurance, insurance file date, physician name, charges, payments, adjustments and account balance.

RPT176 - The Patient Accounts by Doctor is a listing of patient accounts sorted by Doctor that summarizes the financial activity on each account within the date range and report selections.  The report breaks down the information into columns by patient name, date of service, insurance company, insurance file date, charges, payments, adjustments, refunds and accounts balance.


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